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To empower the adults in a child’s life (who is developing atypically) in the principals of “neuroplasticity”- the ability to restructure the brain- and therefore minimize physically related functional challenges in all aspects of life (school, recreation, work)

Every child is capable of increasing their existing movement skills and neurologically based learning readiness skills, the trick is in finding the right type of movement – and then training the adults in the child’s life to support this learning opportunity in the required frequency, intensity and duration though out the day to induce a “training effect”.

Understand why your child is different when (s)he has a diagnosis of:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Developmental Delay
  • Sensory processing disorder
  • Cerebral Palsy

OR demonstrates these characteristics:

  • Low tone or hyper flexibility
  • Spacticity and tightnesses
  • Poor tolerance of "tummy time"
  • Restricted repertoires of behavior
  • Fixation of interest on certain objects/subjects
  • Difficulty with the smallest change in a routine
  • Unusual/atypical response to sound/touch/movement
  • Fundamental incapacity for social interactions to social clumsiness.
  • Avoiding the swing, see saw, merry go round.
  • Poor development of advanced motor skills that require agility, balance and coordination
  • Being the last to be selected in a team sport
  • Prefers playing with puzzles and cars instead of the trike, scoter, swinging from overhead bars and playing with balls

Become the expert in helping medical and school professionals in understanding your child

  • Know your child's strengths
  • Share your child's coping strategies
  • Share your child's stress triggers
  • Share your child's interests/hobbies/favorite cartoons/TV characters etc.
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