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I have a nine-year-old son who has difficulty maintaining his focus while in the classroom, but performs very well academically. As a health care professional I have evaluated alternative methods (other than medical treatment) to address my son's attention issue. My son takes no medication to help assist him in the classroom.

For the past four weeks we have been working with Bala Pillai who is a physical therapist. She started my son on a program called Brain Gym. Since starting with Mrs. Pillai, he drinks more water, is beginning to concentrate a little more on completing his home-work without constant reinforcement and uses visual feedback to help him perform better with a particular task.

Mrs. Pillai uses exercises that involve the brain working as a bilateral network. For example, an exercise may include tracking an object while crossing your elbow to your knee and humming all at the same time.

In my own practice as an optometric physician, I see kids on medication for attention defficit issues and parents who were not given any other alternative options to consider. I feel that if parents knew about alternative methods to help assis their kids they would consider physical therapy and Brain Gym as another option.

Dr. Ray Corbin-Smith

Thankyou for everything you have done for our son during these 2 years of his preschool journey. We think finding you was ďmeant to beĒ. Your passion and dedication to empower parents with all the relevant strategies and techniques to help their child on a daily basis has helped us help him with his everyday challenges. They have helped build the foundation for improved academic achievement, focus and social interactions. He has developed an interest in sports-thanx to your work with him. The Listening program has made such a positive difference in him, thankyou for training like us to administer it at home under your guidance.

We are very proud of what he has accomplished from when you first saw him 2 years ago. Your energy and enthusiasm has given SA a wonderful and enjoyable time while helping him tackle his challenges too.

Mrs. Anand - Parent of a child with autism specturm disorder.

Mrs. Bala was instrumental in making us understand how a childís immature nervous system was coming in the way of their growth and understand why they were different from other children their own age. She attempted to bridge the cultural differences in parenting beliefs which helped us understand the teacherís expectations from us. Being immigrant parents, not only did we find becoming parents of special needs children overwhelming, but we were totally lost, how to help our children.

Mrs. Pillai is extremely approachable and knowledgeable. She always treated us with respect and her medical expertise in treating developmental disorders like RJ's and IJ's was very apparent during our interactions with her. Her ongoing resources through emails, led us to do some research on our own and explore alternative interventions (diet, etc).

Mrs. Clemente (Parent)

Mrs Pillaiís understanding of cultural differences in parenting helped the teachers and us to mutually understand each otherís perspective. Her dedication and passion towards reaching out not only to KP but also to us- his family-is a quality that I as a medical professional can truly appreciate. She included the entire family during her instructional sessions so that everyone in our extended family household were familiar with activities that she wanted KP to do at home. KP used to be very uncoordinated and fell a lot. He could not keep up with his brother or cousins when they played and this affected his confidence. We have not seen him fall this year and it fills us with joy to see how happy he is to play along with his peers and especially when he tries to motivate them to play outside.

Mrs Patel, nurse (Aunt of a child diagnosed with DCD)

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