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FUNctional Physical Therapy; Putting the FUN in Healthy Lifestyles
Pain Management, Fall Prevention, Osteo Fun, Ergonomics, Edu Fun, Sports Fun
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We don’t just treat your pain — We show you how to keep it from coming back.

FUNctional Physical Therapy primarily provides outpatient orthopedic, neurological and developmental (re)habilitation for a wide variety of conditions and diagnosis. We also offer these following services to our patients and general public.

Pain Management

Experience the latest technology for pain management. Come in for a PRRT session, kinesiotaping or a light therapy session. Use these non invasive techniques to heal yourself and in addition get educated on self treatment techniques. Although we do not recommend only treating the symptom, if you only want to use our laser as a pain modality and do not have the time for a full therapy session call to schedule a laser appointment. A laser session varies from $20- $50 depending on the duration of treatment. Usually 2-8 sessions.

Exercise Routine Evaluation

Sometimes we cause ourselves pain from the very exercises that we hope will help us. Come in to have your movement patterns assessed to ensure that you are not harming your joints when you are “taking care of yourself”. For rates call us at (732)214-0120. Usually lasts 2 sessions.

Educationally Based Therapy

Functional Physical Therapy provides educationally based services to area school districts. While we must provide cost-effective support, we continue to hold ourselves to high professionally ethical standards. The commitment is to provide the highest quality of service for children and their families. Our knowledge of therapeutic strategies, understanding of legal mandates, and business experience has allowed us to be viewed positively by both parents and district administration.

Ergonomic Assessment of Work/Play Station

Bring in pictures of yourself at your work/play station. Evaluation will include postural habits, flexibility and muscle strength. Recommendations for decreasing pain/reducing your potential for pain from poorly fitted or poorly placed furniture will also be provided if applicable. 2-4 sessions.

Sports Fun

This program emphasizes agility, balance and coordination using traditional PT strategies in addition to Brain Gym concepts for beginner to advanced athletes. The evaluation includes postural habits, flexibility and imbalanced muscle groups.

ACL Prevention Program

Functional Physical Therapy offers instruction of the PEP Program, developed by the Santa Monica Sports Medicine Foundation. It is a 20 minute warm-up program consisting of stretching, strengthening, and plyometric exercises. This is a free service to sports teams- we will come out to your practice and teach the coaches and athletes.

Edu Fun

This program increases learning readiness within the school environment for academic and sporting events. Motor Learning, Brain Gym * and The Alert Program ** concepts are embedded in this program.

Non-Invasive Alternative for Pain Medication or Surgery
 Dr's Prescription Not Required
 Same Day Appointment
 FDA Approved
 2 - 8 sessions
 $20 Per Treatment Area
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