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B rain Gym® is a learning enhancement system that consists of a set of simple movement based activities. Brain Gym® movements stimulate the brain for effective brain function. The result is the co-ordination of the brain and body for effortless learning and higher levels of performance.

Anyone experiencing the following types of difficulties can seek assistance with Edu-K and Brain Gym Programs. These difficulties are symptomatic of breaks in the flow of information through the communication systems of the Brain-Body. With the help of the Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K) process, new resources can be activated in the Brain-Body system to overcome these difficulties. These challenges can be experienced at any age.

Difficulty in organizing thinking Losing place while reading
Difficulty in expressing thoughts Reading repeatedly to comprehend meaning
Inability to start a new task Absent-minded/ Inattentiveness/ Confusion
Inability to maintain interest and focus to complete task Writing Difficulty
Poor coordination, posture and balance Head bent to one side for reading and writing
General restlessness/ inability to sit still Poor time management and organizational skills
Behaviour problems Autistic/ Asperger’s Syndrome behaviour
Poor social skills Weakness in maths
Forgetting what has just been heard or learned Stroke impaired

What can Brain Gym® do for you ?

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